May 2020 Playlist

My May playlist is live on Spotify today! You can find my account under my username “Pearls & Barbells.” It’s my first time sharing a public playlist and I hope you enjoy it.

I listen to music almost constantly when I’m working out – both new music and older throwbacks. Here are the songs that I’m enjoying on repeat.

“Bang” by AJR – I think AJR has a really unique sound and I like the clever lyrics. I especially love the line, “put quinoa in my fridge, still I’m not feelin’ grown.” I think we can all relate.

“Worry About Me (feat blackbear)” by Ellie Goulding – It sounds silly but honestly this is the perfect song to jump rope to. Not surprised because Ellie Goulding always makes good workout music.

“Salt” by Ava Max – Another catchy dance song. She’s feelin’ like Wonder Woman and I like that reference.

Easier” (Seeb Remix) by Five Seconds of Summer – I liked the original version of this song, and the remix is even better! I don’t always like remixes but I think the DJ kills this one.

“Beautiful Now” by John Bellion and Zedd – An older one, but one of my favorites of all time. There’s something really hauntingly beautiful and intense about this song. When I listen to it, I feel like I’m seeing a big, bright, bustling city for the first time. You know what I mean?

“Don’t Turn the Lights On” by Chromeo – I discovered Chromeo randomly last year browsing through a few obscure alternative playlists. I love the beat of this song.

“When In Rome” (Steve Brian Remix) by GATTUSO, Damon Sharpe, Steve Brian – Gives me a similar feeling to “Beautiful Now,” this is a happy EDM song perfect for working out. I like the remix better than the original.

“Adore You” by Harry Styles – Just had to put this one on here. I think it’s funny because I’ll be lifting really heavy and pushing a new PR while listening to this! Haha.

“DONTTRUSTME” by 3OH!3 – If you’re around my age, this song will take you back. Even like 10 years later, the chorus still gets me hyped up. What were you doing when this song first came out? At a house party?

“Physical” by Dua Lipa – This song was inspired by those 80’s workout ballads we all love, and I think Dua Lipa nails it.

“Dangerous” (feat Sam Martin) by David Guetta – Another good EDM track. The chorus is really intense and gives me a boost of energy when I’m lifting really heavy.

“Candy” by Doja Cat – A slower one than the others on this playlist, but I love the beat! Apparently this is an older song but I just discovered it earlier this week.

“Heaven, We’re Already Here” by The Maine – The only true alternative song on this playlist. I love the energy.

“Happy Now” by Zedd, Elley Duhe – I’ll be honest, some popular EDM music is too much and gives me a headache (I know I sound old). However, this is not one of those songs. I really love the beat and Elley Duhe’s voice.

“Summer of Love” (feat. The Griswolds) by Kids In America – I like the beat and the retro sound of this song – there’s an underlying 60s vibe here.

“I’m Ready” (with Demi Lovato) by Sam Smith – A new one from the super-talented Sam Smith. Demi Lovato is a powerhouse, too – I was so impressed when she did the Superbowl national anthem this year.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s playlist! Follow along on Instagram @pearlsandbarbells.


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