3 Etsy Stores to Know About in February

Etsy is one of my favorite places to find meaningful gifts and unique items. I love supporting small businesses and crafters when I can. Here are 3 Etsy stores I’m loving this month.

Rose Among Thorns Co.

Specialty: Handmade Headbands

I ordered this lovely red pearl top-knit headband from Rose Among Thorns. It arrived in 3 days and was packaged beautifully. I also appreciate how comfortable it is – it doesn’t give me a headache like most headbands do.


Specialty: Personalized Jewelery

Last Christmas, I gifted my sister a personalized necklace from CaitlynMinimalist. Kate is a seriously talented jewelry maker and her shop has made over 900,000 sales. You can find her on Instagram and check out her designs @caitlynminimalist.


Specialty: Hair Accessories (Specifically Bows)

This Etsy shop sells the most gorgeous, top-rated bows and hair accessories. My personal favorite is the Aura Velvet bow. It’s under $20!

What are your favorite Etsy shops? Let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed this post, follow along on Instagram @haileighsenatore.

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